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Time to look out for those men in your life

This week is International Men’s Health Week (15th June to the 21st June 2020) and it is an issue close to my heart. In my personal life I am surrounded by boys and men. I have a husband and three sons, nephews, boys and young men that I coach in sport. Even my two dogs are boys.

These men in my life make me smile, they make me laugh, frustrate me, smell very odd at times, eat a huge amount of food, and give me the best hugs. Life is never dull with the mob of boys in my life and I am very grateful.

Here’s the thing, men are just not great at managing their health and wellbeing. International Men’s week is aimed at raising awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

The health status of males in most countries, including Australia, is generally poorer than that of their female counterparts.

Males suffer more illness, more accidents and die earlier than their female counterparts.

Men take their own lives at 4 times the rate of women.

Accidents, heart disease and cancer all account for the majority of male deaths.

Men are less likely to visit health care professionals.

So this week if you are a male, take the time to make sure you are ok. If things are not so great then have a chat to a health practitioner. You will be surprised at what we know and how great we are at listening. If you have a few males in your life, take the time to touch base and make sure they know you are thankful they are around.

Happy International Men's Health Week.

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