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The detox dilemma - should I detox and does it really work?

Have you ever felt you need to detox - have a good clean out of body and mind? But then you wonder if it really works?

Detoxification is simply a way of supporting elimination and helping our body to clear out. It is giving our body a spring clean through dietary change and other support. A detox diet can relieve a host of health problems that you are resigned to “just live with” such as indigestion, headaches, poor energy, poor skin, aches and pains, mucous issues and generally feeling like you are not functioning on all cylinders.

Often annoying symptoms are simply detoxification symptoms - our body is trying to do it’s job and is overloaded. I strongly believe our body does not work against us. It will always try to restore balance by taking the least path of resistance. Therefore although detox symptoms often look like disease (and are called disease), they really are our body’s attempt to restore balance and eliminate a problem.

Some are obvious like diarrhoea (things needing to evacuate the bowel quickly), or vomiting (toxins leaving the upper digestive system efficiently and forcefully). Coughing is getting out of the lungs that shouldn’t be there and sneezing can be things up the nose that the body just wants out.

Then there are less obvious signs, things that are more about our body struggling. Feeling sluggish, low energy, foggy thinking, poor digestion such as burping, bloating or farts that clear a room (and then loiter there for days).

All these subclinical annoying symptoms really show an under functioning and overwhelmed digestive system and liver. These irritating sub clinical signs can be seen as a problem or we can look at them with the idea that our bodies are trying to make us well. If we take this view then the obvious answer is to detoxify your body and help it naturally eliminate disease.

Can we really detox?

We cannot really detox in the sense of removing harmful substances from our body. But we can help support those organs that do some of the clearing out and eliminating of wastes like our liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin. We don’t detox as such, we just give our body a helping hand to do what it knows best.

3 Steps to a simple detox:
  1. Alleviate toxins – avoid obvious food and environmental toxins

  2. Maximise elimination pathways – liver, bowel, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymph

  3. Flood the body with nutrients and food easy for the body to digest whilst eliminating foods difficult to digest, absorb and assimilate

And you can make this as simple or as complicated as you would like (or feel you need).

A simple clean out could be focusing on eating healthy non processed foods and fresh foods. No bells and whistles here, just avoiding having to deal with processed foods and all their chemicals, as well as foods that are difficult to digest. That way you give your digestive system a rest and everything else starts to function a little better. Generally I recommend you reduce (or remove) caffeine and remove alcohol as well.

Adding exercise works up a good sweat, gets the blood pumping and will also help your body clear out, removing wastes from cells more quickly and effectively.

And not to forget water to support the kidneys - aim for 2 litres daily.

If you want to go a bit more complicated or feel you need that extra support then following a more specific dietary plan along with a herbal mixture and other nutrient support can really boost your energy and have your feel fantastic.

And for how long…about 4 weeks for great results and 8 weeks for amazing results.

Anyone and everyone needs to clean out and rest their body function at some stage. Spring is a fabulous time to give it a go - warmer weather, fresh fruit and vegetables and spending more time outdoors. Whilst the best way is through food and exercise, if you do need additional support I run and say 28 day clean out program with supporting herbs and nutrients in clinic.

A detox is all about prevention and keeping you healthy. However you decide to do it, or whenever you decide to do it, take the time to spring clean your body and you will feel fantastic, energetic and really well. Trust me, I know from experience.

Cleansing allows us to get our body into balance. Everyone feels better after a detox without exception.

This is your time to feel fantastic.

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