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The Canary in Men's Trousers

Coronary Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. BUT the rate of death by heart disease is nearly twice as high in men than women. So let’s talk about one early indicator….

"The Canary in men’s trousers” - Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is called "The Canary in your trousers" for a good reason. In an otherwise healthy man it can be a warning sign of poor blood vessel health and heart problems. Just like the arteries into your heart can become obstructed with plaque buildup and inhibit blood flow to your heart, plaque in those vessels supplying your penis can build up preventing the increase in blood needed to start and sustain an erection. And thus any erectile problems can be an early indicator of trouble in the heart and other areas.

One research team found that a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction was associated with a two-fold increase in heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular death.

So listen to the "canary" in your trousers as it could be a warning sign of heart disease and other circulatory problems. If you have any type of erection difficulty it is time for a visit to your health practitioner to give your heart health a good check up. Just to be sure.

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