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Happy Groundhog Day.

This week Groundhog Day happened! On February 2nd the Groundhog named Phil, pops out of his den and takes a look around to see if his shadow is visible If he see’s his shadow due to clear weather he will retreat to his den and winter will persist for 6 more weeks. But if he doesn’t see his shadow, spring will arrive early.

Now firstly let's be clear, Phil is not particularly accurate at predicting weather and seasonal change - only about 39%.

Regardless of his accuracy, Phil the Groundhog, and the iconic movie, are both quite metaphorical.

Groundhog Day is living the same day over and over again until you learn the lesson of life or discover your purpose. It is that metaphor for everyday life when we are stuck in our daily routines feeling pretty much the same day in and day out.

For some women we are stuck in the day to day busyness of life we neglect our own development. We occasionally catch glimpses or breakthrough moments where we see that there is something more and we may be something great. And indeed Phil pops out on that pivotal day when winters transitions in spring representing an opportunity to move on and learn and grow.

We have an innate lifelong drive to grown and mature emotionally and mentally, just as we are driven to grow physically when we are young. Too many of us are experts at giving in to the demands of others, living up to what is expected of us. We keep going. We keep showing up.We keep living the same day over and over again.

Sometimes Phil see’s his shadow and goes back into hiding. Now I don’t blame him really because facing and embracing our not so perfect characteristics and are “mad mothering moments” as I like to call them, is never easy and always painful.

So where are your stuck in your “Groundhog” moment? What are you hiding from?

Take time to explore where you are bogged down in a “Groundhog moment”. It could be emotional such as anger or frustration or even anxiety and depression. It could be physical such as migraines or pain. Or it could be mental where you are unable to express your intellectual or creative talents.

What are the repetitive thoughts or behaviours that are keeping you stuck?

And then think small, doable changes. Schedule in some alone time. Schedule in a catch up with your friends. Skip the “relaxing wine” after work and instead spend time reading or exercising. Dance. Laugh. Sleep. Take time time to identify and take the opportunity to redo and learn from your experiences.

Don’t be like Phil in the movie. According to the website Wolf Gnards, which ran the numbers, Phil was actually trapped for eight years, eight months and 16 days. Start today.

PS. If you haven’t joined my free Facebook group for women please click on the link below. It is very new and shiny so you will get my undivided attention. And it is all about helping women feel supported and find their health, their energy and their mojo.

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