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Feeling fat, flabby and tired?

How often do we just get sick of ourselves. We feel fat, flabby. bloated and just low on energy and motivation. Maybe our libido is non existent as is wearing the sexy little black dress (or the slim fit shirt). We have tried so many different diets or eating plans and we just can’t seem to stick with them, or once we get to our goal weight we just put everything back on again, and more.

The gut is bulging and the mojo is skint.

I have certainly come up against my fair share of odd diets that people have been following over the years.

Most of these diets fit into the current trend or as I refer to it, “an era of a dieting”. This probably began with the the low fat fad in the 60’s (and 70’s and 80’s and still going for some people). This one stuck around for a long time resulting in a fatter and more ill general population probably because these decades also saw a sharp increase in the introduction of new food products onto the market which were mainly low fat or fat free. Surprisingly (or not really), they were highly processed, had little if any nutritional value, and the low fat was replaced with lots of sugar to add some flavour.

Clearly not as good a diet to follow as first thought…

Most other diet eras have not hung around for as long. The 80’s and 90’s gave us the candida era. The noughties was the super foods like Maca powder and Goji Berries. Last decade was the blood group diet as well as the no carbs high protein and fat diet (which also was seen during all the previous decades in one form or another). Plus we have just finished the gluten free era and are merging into the vegan era at a great speed.

One of my soapbox moments is that these diets are all generalised, unsustainable long term and don’t suit everyone. Once again we are trying to say that one type of eating or food is the panacea or cure all for everyone.

But just like our health, our diet needs to be individualised.

There are so many things that can impact weight loss as we discussed last blog (make sure you read it here and these all need to be carefully considered. Your body has to be ready to lose weight - and when in doubt it will hold on to it for survival..

A good diet needs these things:

  • The three macro nutrients - Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins - all three components in their best formation which is in their most natural way to allow us to be healthy and well

  • Carbohydrates need to be vegetables, fruit and wholegrain. They don't need any added sweetness or sugar. Just as they are or how your Grandmother would have eaten them.

  • Fats need to be healthy fat like extra virgin olive oil, ghee or coconut oil to cook with, and flaxseed oil for your salads.

  • Protein keep lean and clean and consume at every meal if you can.

  • Plus we also need all the micronutrients - water, vitamins, electrolytes, and secondary phytonutrients.

I truly believe that a clean simple diet is the foundation of all good health and Metabolic Balance ticks all these boxes and more.

If you are feeling fat, flabby or hormonal then this may be the program for you.

If your libido is non existent, your energy and motivation have gone awol then this may be the program for you.

If your Dad Bod is getting you down then this may be the program for you.

Metabolic Balance is:

  • Personalised nutrition so that you know your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

  • A clear meal plan to follow so that you are not second guessing all the time and you have exact portion sizes

  • Regular support and accountability sessions so that you stay on track and reach your goal

  • The right balance of nutrients for you so that you are not hungry.

  • Whole foods only and no awful shakes or weird foods so that you know your body is getting healthier

My motto is “Don’t be satisfied with feeling average”.
I would also add - “If you are not changing it you are choosing it”.

How about choosing you and make that call to book in a quick chat with me - it costs you nothing other than 15 minutes of your time. Now is your time…Choose you...

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