It's time to hit the reset button

Because I know what it is like to get stuck, feeling underwhelmed and overwhelmed, when you can't move away from the habits that keep you stuck and frustrated.  When you are struck with a severe case of the "blahs".....

28 to Feeling Great

A 4 week clean eating program to reset that pep in your step

Courses starting:

Monday 19th October

Monday 2nd November

This program is for anyone and everyone courageous enough to hit that reset button and make changes so they can really feel well.

Finish these 4 weeks with:

  • More Energy
  • More Motivation
  • Calmer Outlook
  • Clearer Mind
  • Clearer Skin
  • Better Sleep
  • And so much more...

What you get in the 4 weeks....

  • A list of specific foods to eat
  • A list of specific foods to avoid
  • A pre cleanse assessment (optional)
  • Pre cleanse goal setting
  • A weekly webinar you can watch in your own time on topics covering:
    • ​Benefits in cleaning up your diet
    • Exercise
    • Digestive health
    • Common lifestyle behaviours affecting our health such as:
      • ​Alcohol
      • Sleep
      • Hormones
      • Anxiety 
      • Stress​​
  • Email support
  • Feeling fabulous
Plus each week your notes will include two forms - a quick "At a Glance" so you can get started, and a "In Depth" for when you have time to sit down and go into more detail.

All for this for $75

Courses starting:

Monday 10th October

Monday 2nd November

Are you feeling like this?

  • Tired?
  • Low on energy?
  • Brain Fog?
  • Poor Concentration?
  • Poor Memory?
  • Emotional?
  • Agitated?
  • Irritated?
  • Mood swings?
  • Bloated?
  • Sleep Problems?
  • Farts that can clear a room?
  • Headaches?
  • All of the above?

Then this cleanse is perfect for you.  Using real foods  and nothing fancy this course will show you what to eat and what to avoid as well as show you things you can change along the way to support long term health.  


And it's only 4 weeks.....

Stop procrastinating - Let's do this!


Instead of feeling sluggish you had enough energy to get through your day?

Instead of being grumpy, irritable and a bit snappy you feel calm?

Instead of feeling like you are thinking through cotton wool and you can’t remember what you had to remember, you felt clear in your mind?

Instead of waking unrefreshed after a restless nights sleep you sleep through and wake up refreshed and raring to go?

What if all those annoying symptoms your thought you had to live with like bloating, headaches, and lots of mucous, eased and became less of a problem or, even better, completely vanished?

The truth is your activation energy is a little low.  Your motivation has turned off.    You have hit the snooze button.

It takes one step to start a journey and one change to instigate momentum.

Getting access to this course gives you a clear path to making change.  And it is all delivered to you in the comfort  of your own home using real food.

This is the momentum you need to kick start and make the change.

Are you ready to get started?


It is time to start feeling fabulous

Courses starting:

Monday 19th October

Monday 2nd November